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Key points for starting Remodeling of Kitchen

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Remodeling a kitchen is not a project to be taken lightly, there are many factors to consider. Here we collect useful information to consider this type of project. To achieve the results you want without stress and without unnecessary expenses.

Before beginning your project, you will want to icheck all the details. Aspects you should consider before starting the project include:

A good starting point is to connect with professionals to help you find what you really want.

The right questions are necessary


  2. What is the goal of your project?

  3. What is your preferred design? Traditional, cottage, modern or classic?

  4. What is your family’s needs for this space?

  5. Would you like to change the layout?

  6. What is your desired timeline for completing the project?

  7. What is your available budget?


The Right Professionals for the Job

Take the time to meet and hire the right professionals for your project. With whom you feel confident and comfortable when you have to discuss any matter or doubt. Use the internet as a tool to find the professional you need.

In a recent study, it is shown that the majority of online consumers now trust online reviews, as well as personal recommendations.

Take into account whether they have experience in completing the type of kitchen remodel that you desire and also for the different types of projects that are in your portfolio.

Materials and designs according to your budget

From the beginning, it is a good idea to decide what type of products you want to use. The design and appearance of your kitchen greatly influence the materials that you are going to choose. That's why we help you in deciding what types of cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting you can use that are right for your project.

Additional features, something no less important because the details add up when preparing your budget. There are many features and accessories to include in your kitchen, such as islands, breakfast bars, tile backsplashes, cabinet hardware, and more. Let's think together about what you are really looking for, for your home.


Begin the construction process

Enjoy your project! Your contractor will need to purchase permits before construction begins. Projects can normally last between four and eight weeks depending on the size and type of materials you decide to use.

In Construfix we seek to minimize interruptions in your family's routine, we know that privacy and tranquility is everything for your home.

Another important factor is a good and constant communication with the company that carries out the construction. If there are any complications, they can be resolved quickly and effectively if both parties communicate properly. Keeping you updated on construction progress is our top priority.

When you finish your project, take adequate time to go through it and see that all the details are as you dreamed them.

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